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What is Monkeynastix SPACENASTIX ?

Space is the three-dimensional expanse in which all material objects are located. Space is also outer space with planets, comets, aliens and stars. Spacenastix is a combination of both. We are using the three-dimensional space in our classes, with the Space Theme, to make movement magic.

Spacenastix is a FUN and exciting addition to our existing and UNIQUE Monkeynastix programme and it will set us apart from our competitors in the future. It is NEW & AUTHENTIC and not available on Google.

Who is involved with Spacenastix?

  • Monkeynastix International is the creator and holder of all Intellectual Property.
  • Spacenastix is exclusive for all Monkeynastix Franchisees in the Monkeynastix Franchise System.
  • Our franchisees, instructors and assistants will play a big role in the future success of Spacenastix.
  • We also want to encourage schools and teachers to understand our intentions and to make it part of the teaching at the schools. We also want to get parents involved to understand what it is all about and continue at home with fun and exciting ideas.
  • Ultimately our members understanding and overall well-being.

Where will Spacenastix be offered?

  • At schools
  • Private venues
  • Children will be encouraged to do it at home
  • Inside or Outside
  • In the Zones

When will Spacenastix be presented ?

  • Pre-Launching in term 3 with express boarding passes.
  • Future Part of Monkeynastix classes or individual classes.
  • Unique new classes in the zone.
  • We will officially launch Spacenastix in January 2019 nationwide

Why do we offer Spacenastix?

We have done it before and it is already part of us. We care. We care about the environment, the planet and the future of our members. We have used recycled materials since inception with our newspaper classes and we have always promoted healthy habits.

We are now inspired by space and adventure. Spacenastix is about purpose. It is about adding another 5 minutes to classes for engineering and creativity where children make their own hand apparatus or assist in assembling larger pieces of equipment made mostly from recycled materials… involved them in this experience and help foster that sense of pride an d accomplishment that follows creative participation.

Play is the highest form of research - Albert Einstein

It is Rocket Science

  • It’s a new and innovative addition to Monkeynastix
  • It is about engineering and creativity where children make their own hand apparatus and assist in assembling larger pieces of equipment.
  • Made largely from recycled materials.
  • Engaging in the experience with a true sense of pride and accomplishment.
  • Confidence, concentration and imagination at the next level.
  • Mindful of the planet.
  • It is unique and new.
  • Advanced learning with our SPACE WATCH
    • Left & Right
    • Clockwise & Anti Clockwise
    • 2 x 1/2 make 1
    • 3 x 1/3 make 1
    • 4 x 1/4 make 1
    • Horizontal & Vertical
  • New equipment will include : Torpedoes, missiles, comets, UFOs, jet packs, air pipes, spoon bombs, spinners, drones and pylons.
  •  MNX002 will introduce basic financial literacy, responsibility and reward with our space coins.